Friday, August 24, 2007

The Final Edit

I'm least I think I am. The last two weeks have been jammed full of teaching preparations while my two readers have worked their way through my finished manuscript, and now the time has come. Tomorrow I am dedicating the day to working through some edits. So far, I don't have anything major to work out, but a few transition points need more finesse.

Then my "rambling brat" shall be on her way to find a home, with any luck, at a reputable publishing house. I'll not call her the "ill-form'd offspring of my feeble brain" (though my thanks to Anne Bradstreet for the lovely imagery!) for the simple reason that I believe in her. This is the best bit of writing I've ever done. But I know there will be more. (okay...I HOPE there will be more!)

So I shall wash thy face once more, rub out the last defect apparent to mine own eye, though others are sure to find imperfections simply because they seek them. I shall send you out of doors well-loved and well-dressed.



Sunday, August 12, 2007

Done, done, DONE!!!

I am finally done with my three weeks of hell. If anyone is considering taking an online course, don't think it's a cake walk. I knew it would not be a breeze, but taking 2 courses in three weeks was absolutely insane! But I finished my requirements and now I have to send everything to the state for my provisional license.

So I can finally see my family again. I can finally enjoy my daughter's whimsical rantings instead of screaming at her because I'm too frazzled about the next powerpoint presentation I have to come up with or the 400 pages I need to read by Friday. I can finally give my son (who looks more like my daughter right now!) a haircut!! And my hubby...well, he'll finally get a little attention, too.

And the book! DH is still reading (what's taking him so long?!), but I'm just about ready to send it out to Patti anyway. And today, I'm going out with the whole family for some hangin' out. One stop will be the pet store, where my son hopes to get a Robo Dwarf hamster.

Anyway...I'm baaaack!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pig Heaven

Well, I'm taking a breath just long enough to guide my little family through a tragedy. Today, our beloved guinea pig, Pogo, met her maker. She was almost 5 years old, and my son was just recently beginning to really bond with her. He had taken over some of the responsibilities, very happily, so he feels a little cheated as well as sad. My daughter first thought it was a curious thing, death... Then she realized she could get a little more attention if she keened like an old Irish waif, and then it just got away from her and she really cried. My son drew a picture memorizializing little Pogo, and he'll weep for a while, off and on.

DH dug the hole, and we had a grave-side service. Connor said a lovely prayer and Maisie told Pogo about her new build-a-bear toy she got in her happy meal and hoped that Pogo could have one in heaven. It was sweet, except for the police helicopter that kept buzzing overhead (still don't know what that was all about--maybe they thought we had dug up Jimmy Hoffa!).

I'm in the midst of a panic over finishing my classes, so I'm not sure if all my grief was bound for the little pig in the sky-blue sheet going to her final rest under our pine tree. I have about 4,000 words to write between now and Monday, so before I pull all my hair out, I'll end this sad little post.

Pray that I am still sane come Monday...and that I still have hair!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quick Update...

I'm not a pessimist...just realistic. I did NOT win the synopsis contest. Oh, well. Now to send it to the editor I worked with last year. (At least I won't have to share my royalties!)