Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cricket and things are hoppin'!

So, my latest news is that Cricket Magazine just accepted my story "Abe and the Magic Lantern". I received the fabulous letter on Friday, a day after stuffing myself full of turkey and oyster dressing and thanking God for the many blessings I already have. Now I have another! The editor at Cricket was wonderful, and I emailed him this morning and within minutes received a reply. What a wonderful way to finish off one holiday and start the preparations for another.

Speaking of Christmas...is everyone ready? My hubby and I have already started shopping and actually had a celebration/date night last night thanks to my brother-in-law and his wife. I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree and deck the shrubs and trees outside with lights--finally. I've always wanted to do a little outside, but it's always been so low on the priority list that it never got done. But this year...

Oh! And I did accept the teaching position, so I'll be a busy chick next semester. Now I must get my novel finished before Christmas...I must...I must...I must finish the battle for man's survival and leave my MC standing tall...

What's your mantra?


  1. Hi there ghostgirl! Glad to see you overher in blogland too. Congratulations on your your story in Cricket!! And good luck with the teaching positon. You will be a busy chick for sure.


  2. Thanks gail! You're right...I'll be running constantly! Today I went in to the college and got my ID and parking stickers and such. Of course, a windy day and isn't my ID just lovely with my birdsnest hair. Ha!

    I've put the Cricket story to bed, latest revision to my editor, and he probably won't get through it for a month or so. In the meantime, I have a syllabus to construct, books to order, and a doctoral paper to edit for a client. As well as last minute Christmas shopping and grocery shopping to do. Oy!

    Glad to have a friend in blogland, gail!


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