Friday, February 09, 2007

Cough, cough...ack!

Well, after 3 weeks of bronchitis and pure exhaustion, I am finally back on my feet. I haven't written a lick and am dying to get back to the climax (no pun intended on my last post!) It is always so hard to get back into the zone of a WIP that's been left on its own for too long. So, I've already started re-enacting parts of the story (in my head and in my room!) in preparation for jumping back into writing. I am also listening to my "writing" music, which always pumps me up. There is one song that I always imagine as the voice of my MC. Does anyone else do that?

So here's hoping that all the germs have gone underground for the duration and we'll all stay healthy until next year. I'm also hoping to head up to the Poconos for the SCBWI-EPA retreat in April. But for now, my daughter's 6th birthday is beckoning, so next weekend holds a swimming party (yes...swimming in February!) and some great fun.

Happy Writing, Everyone!

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