Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today, a hint of summer peeked under my bedsheets when my 6-year-old daughter padded into our room and whispered, "Mama, can we have a family cuddle?" Who could say no to that, even if it was barely 7:00am on the one day I can sleep in. Daddy whispered, "Go get your brother..." And within a few quiet moments, the bed was filled with the Scott clan, all snuggled in, under the blankets. This is the one ritual we have in the summer that I adore, and I wish we could manage it all year long. Since no one has to be up early in the summer months, we take that time when the sun finally makes it impossible to sleep, and we get in a solid snuggle before we start our day. During the school year, even Saturdays are often a bit too scattered to enjoy the family cuddle, so it's a real treat when we can squeeze one in.

This beautiful tradition was started by my then 5-year-old last summer. What a beautiful way to start the day. I swear, I don't think I've ever had a bad day on those mornings when we started with the family cuddle. I hope I can capture that magic in a book someday, but for now, I'll savor every drop of it in my blessed real life.


  1. What a nice tradition, Mary Ann. My sons have 'outgrown' cuddles now and I miss that so much. Of course, even when they were younger, snuggle time always turned into wrestlemania ...

    Luckily, my daughter is still very much into cuddling. There's nothing better than a Sunday morning cuddle with her sandwiched between dh and I. The boys don't know what they're missing.

  2. Oh m'gosh, and I forgot to mention ...

    Your kids are adorable! They look just like you (from what I can tell from the itty bitty picture of you on the side).


  3. Wrestlemania! Ha! LOL, Linda! Thankfully, my little guy (9 years old) still loves the quiet cuddle time with Mama or with Mama and Daddy. night, when Daddy has finished reading a chapter to my guy, the house is full of wild thumpings and giggles and screams...and often crying, because the boys just have to wrestle.

    Never mind that little sister is trying to go to sleep in the next room. They did manage to break the bed once, but I think they have learned their lesson...maybe!

  4. Oh! Thanks! My kids are a good mix of both of us, but I like to think they favor Mama a bit more!

  5. I love your cuddling tradition! Such a cute picture, too. :)


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