Sunday, May 13, 2007


I woke up to a beautiful morning, ushered in by my 6-year-old daughter ever so gently closing the door behind her (instead of slamming it as usual) and tip-toeing over to my bed to say quietly, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama." Then she crawled up and snuggled with us for half an hour. My son was downstairs flipping through the cartoons, patiently waiting for his lazy Mama and Daddy to crawl out of bed.

After a great cuddle, I came downstairs to another sweet kiss and a hug and flopped into my comfy seat on the couch. Then the first present came--a beautiful salmon-colored silk scarf, hand-died by my daughter and wrapped in a stunning watercolor painting, complete with a card decorated with delicately drawn flowers and her own lovely signature. Then...the book. From both my children (with a little help from Daddy!), an amazing book.

Above is a picture of this tremendous book, which in the span of 30 seconds vaulted to the very top of my list of all-time favorites. I spent my formative high school years with Bloom County and Berkeley Breathed, so his work here is even more dear. If you haven't read this gem, you absolutely must.

I really got spoiled this Mother's Day. Flowers, chocolate, a lovely new tea set, and a fabulous breakfast prepared by none other than dear hubby (big snaps to him for the whole plan). Wow! My biggest gift was getting to be a mom in the first place, so this is just icing on the cake.

All you moms out there, enjoy this day and snuggle your buddies close. And beware the Martians!


  1. Sounds wonderful, Mary Ann.

    I woke up to the teenagers fighting and chasing each other around the house. sheesh. At least they waited until 10 to do it, so I got to sleep in.



  2. It sure sounds as if you had a fantastic Mother's Day. Good for you. My Sunday was like any other Sunday, except for the fact that my husband graded his finals at home rather than on campus. Oh! I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sloppy kiss from my son, so it was all good.

  3. I will try not to be jealous! What a wonderful day! Your scarf sounds so cute.

    I was alone for Mother's Day...and since I didn't remind the kids, no one did anything! Boo, hoo for me! :)

    Dawnelle (who is trying desperately not to turn green with envy)

  4. WOW, that sounds wonderful! My hubby's work had an open house on Sat, so he and the kids got me flowers last week, but, I am envious!

    I tried to email a week ago, but didn't know if you had gotten it or not. My mom comes out to the house on Tuesday mornings, didn't know if that would be a day that would work. Also, not sure how long your kids have school. Sorry to ramble on, you can reply to this comment if you like!!

    Take care,
    Leigh Ann

  5. Aw Dawnelle, that's just not right. Those little sweeties love their mom--you can see it in their faces.

    Linda--Teenagers, AAHAHAH!! What are ya gonna do? At least they still sleep late.

    I was really blessed this year, and believe me, it is rarely like that, so far. This was the best! Leigh Ann, sorry we missed the open house. I drove by it on my way to the grocery and thought, "Hey, we should take the kids" Then "poof" the thought was gone!

  6. Haven't seen that one. I'll have to check it out. Sound like a great Mother's Day.



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