Monday, July 16, 2007

My New Passion--Archery!

Since I was a wee one, I have always wanted to try archery, but as far as my father was concerned, my Red Ryder BB gun was enough. So I spent my entire childhood deprived...well, that may seem a bit melodramatic, but to a kid, that was a big deal. Now that my son has spent a few cub scout meetings at the archery range, my husband has become obsessed and decided that with some of the extra money from teaching a summer course, he would satisfy his obsession and mine. He was thrilled when I told him I had always wanted to give it a go, and before we knew, both of us were well armed for the sport.

In my first outing, I shot I don't know how many arrows before I realized that a huge welt was growing on my forearm, a nice little token from my bow string slapping my arm. I was having so much fun that I never noticed my bursting blood vessels! A week later, I have a lovely green patch, still tinged with a delicate hint of purple, about the size of a kiwi. The solution? An arm guard.

Yesterday, we went out in the morning and shot for a while at a target in our back yard. It was my first adventure since we were outfitted at the shop last week, so my first shots were a bit erratic. Take a close look at that target...the purple arrow smack dab in the middle is mine! Bullseye!

Do you think Robin Hood has room for a Merry Maiden?


  1. Way cool - I've not had to worry about that since I was a girl scout and a leader of tigers, then cub scouts and girl scouts too. Part of the stuff growing up for me; it wasn't a big desire though - I did other things with the scouts.

    Any word yet on the results of the synopsis? I just read your posting on last week's about the synopsis and saw that you had not heard as of last night. Hope you get it - keep us posted on that - E :)

  2. You go girl! T's brother just gave us a little bow for Quintin to use. T used to try his hand (hahaha) at archery hunting, but never purchased his own bow. He's been thinking about it now that Quintin is interested. My little glimpse of it in HS PE class made me think it would always been fun. Who knew we were having the same conversation going on in our houses? Anyway, we haven't done anything about it yet, but I would love to get a bow and a target in the backyard. I don't want to hunt, I'd just like to take out my aggressions on the target! :D

    Forget tea, lets shoot bow and arrow! heehee

    We have vacation bible school all this week, so its a bit crazy, but lets get together soon! S Clyde's? Or somewhere with the kids?

  3. Thanks Elysabeth! I haven't heard yet. It's driving me bonkers--as always! I'll post as soon as I hear.

    MamaRoar, Clyde's sounds great! Both houses talking about archery--Wow! Just target shooting for us. K thought about going bow hunting with a friend of ours, but quickly decided that wasn't really for him. Ooh! I'll put up a picture of us with our bows!

  4. Love the picture!!!! Very cool!

  5. Now that (the sport, not your souvenir) is cool.

  6. Such a cute picture! What a neat thing to try. :)

  7. I loved archery at summer camp! I even had a summer I was particularly good at it, though, strangely, the talent didn't stick with me the year after that. My sister did some archery on her honeymoon of all places. I was a bit jealous then, and now I feel raring to go. I wonder where I can meet up with a shooting range...


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