Friday, July 27, 2007

Working through the Flu

Just stopping for a minute of air. On Tuesday, I started my courses--two intensive 3-credit courses in elementary methods--and along with the work came a stomach flu. I'm still not quite right, but I'm getting there. Spent most of Wednesday in the bathroom and most of the last three nights in fitful dreams and restless sleep. And the coursework...oi! It's a bit overwhelming, but I have no just but to plow on through.

Fond remnants of Harry Potter play in the back of my mind, just to keep me sane. And of course my own, now complete masterpiece!


  1. So sorry you've been sick. It's so much fun to spend a day with your head in the toilet, isn't it? Yuh huh.

    Good luck on your courses. :)

  2. Oh, yuck! Poor you. I hope you are feeling much better today.

  3. Being sick and taking classes is no fun. It happened to me before too. Hope you're better now.

  4. Oh my - I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I always found el. ed. courses to be a lot of time consuming busy work. It's good you're getting two of them out of the way before you begin teaching. Are you going to continue taking them as you work? That's tough. I already had my MA when I started teaching but most of the young teachers had to work on theirs while they juggled the demands of teaching 20-30 kids, grading etc. They always looked wiped out.

    Try to make a little time for yourself. Mary Ann, and congrats again on completing your revisions. Are you going to start subbing your manuscript? What happened with the synopsis contest?

    At any rate, here's wishing you a speedy recovery from the flu. Hang in there.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm crawling back to health...I think. It just doesn't seem to want to let go all the way. Stella, I had my masters before I started teaching, too. In fact, I'm halfway to a Ph.D. in gifted education -- just not in the right coursework. I've had the same complaint about education courses in the past, although I have to say I have seen some changes for the better lately.

    Cramming a semester's worth of work into 3 weeks is a bit much, but I hope to come away with at least a little more than the credits I need to satisfy the state -- perhaps a little more knowledge and perhaps some useful methods.

    The manuscript. The synopsis contest was extended to July 30th, and I hope that the results won't take too long. When I find out that I've lost, I will go ahead and submit to the editor I worked with last summer. Unless I do a little more revision! I'll keep you all posted.

  7. Glad you are on the mend - hope the classes don't take too much out of you and hang in there - you will hear something good soon - E :)

  8. HAY!! What's this negative attitude -- "When I find out I've lost!" We'll have none of that here. Positive thinking, positive vibes.

  9. Okay, okay...thanks for the positive vibes! I just realize that everyone else took a lot more time and consulted a bunch of resources. I didn't. BTW--thanks, elysabeth, for the link. I did check that one out!

    I have this nasty habit of trying to be realistic. But, I still leave room for hope!


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