Saturday, January 26, 2008

If I were a Tea Kettle, I'd be whistling by now!

Pressure! It's maddening at this point. We are still waiting to hear about a job for DH, fighting depression in the face of true joblessness at any moment. Waiting on the ever interminable submission process to supply an answer, in particular, a big fat "yes, we love it, gotta have it!" How do you keep from chewing your fingertips off at times like this?

On the plus side, I know that my latest manuscript is top-notch and has a really good shot at a contract, if not with the current editor, with another one. It's my best work--period. I feel good about my first novel, too, which is still under consideration, but it is my first and could use a little more work (which I see so much more clearly now that I've had some distance).

The hardest thing is managing the financial worries as well as issues of morale when it comes to my DH's job search. Worrying about more than just a job, his career. This whole thing has been pretty devastating for him, and I'm trying to keep the positive vibes flowing. But it's tough some days. Worrying about what if we have to move...can we sell our house? Will we be in a position to buy in our new city? Will it be a good move for the kids?

I know...more fuel for writing, right? If I could just concentrate. I have research to do so I can spark that plan for the next book, but I just haven't been able to find the focus.

Okay...enough venting. I'll keep drinking in those fantasies about that fabulous book contract and the eventual book signings, with lines out the door...(dream big, I say! Hey...throw in a movie deal, too!). And I'll nibble at a few daydreams about the perfect job for DH, too.

Okay, now I'll blow that steam off the top and breathe...


  1. A movie based on your book would actually be SO GOOD! I'd run to see it.

    Hope all the unknowns are resolved in your favor soon -- book considerations AND job/home stuff!!!

  2. I know it's hard to focus when you're facing the unknown. I remember many sleepless nights (months, actually) before my hubby had a job offer.

    Just wanted to let you know that I prayed for both you and your hubby and will continue to do so.

  3. Thanks so much, ladies!

    Wouldn't that be a hoot, Deena--a movie! We'd have to have the premier in Rochester!

    And JM--thanks for those prayers. They are powerful!

  4. Sounds like a good time for some tea with a friend. As often as necessary!

    I think of a favorite line from The Sound of Music - "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window."

    Here's praying for that wide open window, gentle breezes, and a fabulous view!


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