Friday, May 30, 2008

Could it be a Peach?

We need lots of good vibes and prayers. DH got the call and he has an on-campus interview at a small college in Georgia! At this point it is hard to know what to wish for. I don't know what the pay will be, and it's a huge move. But...DH would still be a professor, which really is his true calling. We told DS that this might be a possibility. He got teary and expressed himself so clearly. He would really rather not move, but he wants his daddy to have the kind of job he likes. And that's actually a big deal to DS. He has seen us work and embrace our jobs (even my Waldorf insanity) and he has come to value that sense of truly enjoying your work. He knows that there are financial considerations, but our little guy is a remarkable, thoughtful soul who has always been "spiritually" in tune. He gets the idea that money isn't everything.

So, our task now is to learn as much about the area as possible. I've checked out the school system in the town itself-- I'll wait to comment on that one. Housing prices are decent. DH is learning as much about the college as he can and figuring out what he will talk about in his "scholarly presentation." In the meantime, he is still chasing down non-academic job possibilities.

We love it in PA, but Georgia could be grand as well. It would certainly be better for my RA-ravaged bod. But I want my DH to be happy. If he's not happy, none of us will be. I can write from anywhere. So there it is. Please pray that the right answer will come...whatever that may be. (And pray that it hurries!)


  1. Just prayed.

    Will keep praying.

  2. My prayers are with you and your family. Not having a job is stressful, but so is having one you don't really care for.

  3. First, what an awesome picture on your sidebar!! :)

    Second, I will continue to pray that you are led to where God wants you and where He can use you!

  4. I'm so praying for closure for you guys. I have been for a while. I just know that great things are in store, and I can't wait to see it all happen! Just please make sure that we have our tea-time before you take off! I want a "real" hug!!


  5. Yes, Stella. That is so true! I'm sure many of us have lived that with our own fathers.

    Thanks LA! For the prayers and the compliment!

    Thanks CJ. And I will not leave without our tea time. I've been thinking about it a lot, and we simply have to plan something in the next few weeks. I'll be in touch.

  6. Oh fun, depending where in Georgia, maybe you can come visit me at Decatur Book Festival in August. My first book launch will be then - I can't wait. It's really a nice area. Decatur is just outside Atlanta and there are a lot of things to do in that area. Keep me posted. Would love to meet you and your son. Find out about how your writing is going. Prayers for all of you - E :)

  7. Good luck to your hubby during his interview. This sounds like it would be a great move for you.


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