Monday, May 05, 2008

My Preview Audience...

I know I've blogged about Ruthie in the past, my erstwhile sidekick who shares my writing desk...and my bookshelf! She's pretty selective about her reading, and very interested in education research...

Sadly, I have neglected two very important members of my literary audience who see me through my mad re-enactments of the most dramatic (okay...sometimes inane) scenes in my WIP. So meet Whitman (yes, he's named after the poet). He has a bad habit of chewing up my daughter's plastic toys--the basement is a sea of FP Little People amputees--so he is not allowed to come all the way down into the basement.

Despite his banishment from the lower depths of my "office"/playroom, he sits sweetly on the step at just about eye level while I work. On occasion he snores or sighs, but he's good company when the house is really quiet. He's fairly opinionated, too. That's how I developed my thick skin against rejections.

My other buddy, Daisy. A true pound puppy, we adopted her from the human society in Indianapolis more than 7 years ago. She's the sensitive one. I can always count on her to laugh or cry at the right time in my manuscript. I don't know what I would without these little guys. Tea party guests, Halloween costume pals, roll on the floor and love 'em up buddies, they are such a part of the family and my literary critics circle. Just a small tribute to these three incredible companions. If you don't have a furry critique partner, I highly recommend it!


  1. I can't claim that the 2 cats that share their home with us ever critique my work, but they can make for good company when they are awake. Frankly, I don't want them anywhere near me when I'm in my studio. I want NO fur in my frames. Two glass French doors keep them out physically, but they will sit just outside and look pathetically at me. If the older one is hungry, she will bang on the doors until I can't stand it anymore. Still, I'd rather have them around than be totally alone during the day.

  2. I've got 3 cats that I have to lock out of the room when I'm working. They sit and meow and bang on the door, too. I don't dare let them in, though, or I get butts in my face, papers scattered everywhere and paw prints on my computer screen from where they've been chasing the cursor.

    Lucky you've got such great furry crit pals, Mary Ann. :)

  3. They are so cute! I wish John wasn't allergic to furry writing partners!

  4. Do you think a pet will help nudge me to finally write that book?


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