Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Query Weary...

By now, I think I've finally figured out what the query is about. That doesn't mean I write them any better, but I think I'm getting closer to the underlying element that has been so elusive. Be ME. Yep. It's that simple. The last two that I wrote were genuinely Ghost Girl queries, full of my real voice and experience. Now whether that will attract an agent and/or publisher has yet to be determined. But I feel better about my query, as if I truly own it.

So how did I finally get here?

First, I did my research. As you've already guessed, I surf the blogosphere not only regularly, but passionately. And I have two excellent launching pads: QueryTracker and AgentQuery. Here, you sort through the agents that "do your thing," whether that be historical fiction, chick lit, urban fantasy...whatever. Then you can get profiles on each agent and find out if they are open to queries, email or otherwise. Read their links and blogs. You might be surprised to find that agents are actual people--with real life experiences, predilections, and opinions of their own. (Don't forget to check The Blue Boards for updates on response times and other info).

Next, I found myself and put it on the page. The more you learn about an agent, the more you see that there is a good fit and a not so good fit. Which one will mesh with your personality, not just handle books like yours? When you figure that out, it's easier to let yourself spill across the page and relate to your agent professionally but also personally. I've spent so much time worrying about making the right impression that I forgot that I have to represent myself as well as my work, especially to an agent, the person who will be your advocate, your support, your biggest cheerleader out there in the market. He/she should know you. Afterall, you are embarking upon a partnership, and with any luck, one that will last a long time.

So, I have just sent out a query to probably the best match I've found so far. I hope she thinks so too. And so the wait begins yet again. Here's hoping...


  1. sounds like you are learning as you go which is a good thing. We all have to learn to sell ourselves on the paper by trial and error. I hope you get some requests and even a sale from your queries. - E :)

  2. Certainly there's an art to writing a captivating query, but also a lot of legwork involved in finding an agent who's a good fit for you. I also visit QueryTracker regularly. Not that I'm ready to query but because I'm interested in learning more about agents and the whole process. Snagging an agent seems nearly as difficult as getting published.

    Best of luck, Mary Ann.

  3. Thanks, gals! I'm definitely "evolving" and learning a lot about many aspects of finding an agent and getting this book out there. (Well, I should say "books"). I'm in this for the long haul, and I hope I find an agent who wants to take me all the way.


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