Monday, July 07, 2008

Notes from the Road...

The kids (and the dogs) are safely ensconced with Grandma & Grandpa in Indiana, and we arrived in Arkansas just after dinner time. It's been quite a trip so far--beautiful scenery and LOUS's (I'll explain this in another post). But can you believe, as we are driving somewhere through Illinois (or maybe Missouri), we check the messages on the home answering machine.

Ghost Hunk got another call for an interview at a college in Indiana. Yes, you read that right. INDIANA

I'm heartbroken to be leaving the East, but I wasn't really hoping to end up in Indiana. Yes, our family is there. (In my case, 'nuff said) :-) And Ghost Hunk would love to be closer to his parents, so would I. But I had started to get used to the idea of the Big Move. Okay, nothing is decided yet, and there is a lot left to be discovered about each of the jobs. Tomorrow GH has his interview here in Arkansas. The interview in Indiana will probably be on Thursday. And still no word from GA, other than no final decision has been made...but any day now.

WFMAD Update:

I have managed to keep up with my writing on the road. And...I have a plot!!!! Finally, I've figured out where to go with this one. Ghost Hunk is great for that, too. He helps me bounce ideas around and come up with a direction. Yep...Love that hunk!

More later...


  1. Of course, you know where I'm hoping you end up......wherever you'll be happy! :)

  2. MaryAnn,
    No real comment, but I love that your husband's moniker is "Ghost Hunk!" HA!

  3. Can't wait to hear how it all went for you and "Ghost Hunk."

  4. Things are moving, happening! I am excited for you. That phone call is going to come . . . try to be open to whatever "the call" is . . . Rooting for you, girl!!

  5. Thanks, gals! You guys are the best! I can feel the energy...

    The interview went really well, and the area is beautiful, an ideal place to live. Unfortunately, the job itself (and the pay) is not exactly what we had in mind, but it may be the only offer. We'll have to see.

    The other interview is on Tuesday. Guess we'll be hanging out in Indiana a little longer.

    Still writing, still hoping...


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