Monday, August 11, 2008

Always a Wrench in the Works—Hrumph!

Literally...Ghost Hunk set out for GA yesterday with a buddy, and they got no farther than VA. The car started overheating. At first they thought it was the luggage rack they had added to the top of this fabulous VW bug (not suited well for towing or car carriers). I'm glad our dear friend Marc is with him on this journey. He called this morning to say it could be the thermostat or the head gasket! Big difference! Why does there always have to be a wrench in the works? There is no cash for this situation. Once again, we'll have to rely on a friend and it's wearing us both down.

This kids are dealing with things all right. Ghost Son is awesome...constantly reminding me that he loves me and that he appreciates how hard I am working. (Give that kid some extra squeezes!) He really had a hard time letting go of Daddy yesterday, but he pulled through. Ghost Daughter exhibits her trepidation differently. She said goodbye as if Ghost Daddy was heading off to the market. But when it came to leaving the house so the realtor could show it or getting her bath later, the little gremlin of grief reared its ornery head. But I was able to help her pull those emotions out and really look at them so she could deal with them a little more effectively.

And this morning, I had two cuddly kids crawl into bed for a good long ghost cuddle. We'll get through this. Another showing scheduled for Thursday...maybe we'll get to GA a little sooner.


  1. Hang in there and trust that God is in control! :)


  2. Head gaskets always seem to blow when
    1. you cannot afford to have them fixed
    2. at the most inconvenient time possible

    I wish you a quick house sale. One good thing about moving is that it forces you to go through your stuff and sort out the junk. Hang in there!

  3. Oh, you hit that right on the head, Stella...all the way around! I don't know how many bags of junk have gone to the trash or to Goodwill. How did we accumulate so much stuff?

    Maybe we should look for a smaller house; that way we would be less tempted to lock away a lot of useless junk.

    And thanks, LA! I'm trying to let Him have the wheel.

    It looks like a water pump for Ghost Hunk's rig. Not catastrophic.

    Although my day is off to an ominous start—just put the wrong color of paint on the wall!!!

    I really did not want to have to do it over. Blah...


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