Sunday, February 15, 2009

Need a Moment?

With all the disheartening news over at HarperCollins and all around the publishing world, as well as the maddening economic nightmare we're all facing, it may be hard to be inspired by the little things. I'm lucky. I have two beautiful little things that fill my days with wonder and hope and inspiration. As a writer, I'm always trying to capture a moment, a ripple of transcendence. Kids can do that for you...oh, so easily...

So here's one of those moments.


  1. That was a very nice video. Loved the music. Happy birthday to the young lady. How fun - ears pierced and snack with a friend - that pretzel had to be as big as the stuffed animal - lol.

    Thanks for sharing with us - E :)

  2. That brought tears of joy to my eyes. Seriously! Oh my GOODNESS! How did you not sob?!

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady.

  3. Wow, what a lovely video of your daughter. Years from now she can look back on it and remember that moment in time. I love the music, too. Happy Birthday to her.

  4. Almost three years late, and it still works. Thanks for sharing, and sharing, and sharing again. Maisie is lucky to have you.


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