Thursday, May 13, 2010

My apologies for the stagnate blog of late.  (Especially for freezing things on a rant.)  After almost 6 weeks, I think I may actually have things back on track.  

Chaos—yes, you have to love it.  Afterall, it inspired some of the greatest innovations, like PB & J and the travel mug!  The car is fixed (the damage didn't read as well on film as it did in person) after almost $2,000,

the move complete,

and the retreat a fond memory (a brilliant one actually, thanks to an amazing faculty!).  

So just in time for summer vacation (cue the pitter-patter-slap of large, bare feet on the tile), I dive again into my WIP. My goal with this one is to pay close attention to character development as well as the plot.  Sandy Asher's session on "Who's story is this?" was awesome, even though I missed most of it because I was running down chairs and power chords, etc.  Management duties aside, the handouts and the info she shared will give any writer a great place to start dissecting character and really understand who is telling (and populating) your story.

So look for a post on character coming up.  I've had plenty of inspiration lately...


  1. Good to have ghostgirl blogging again! Anxious to hear your thoughts on character development...

  2. I can't wait to write this summer vacation.

    That picture makes me want to go to a retreat.


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