Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tattoo Me...Please!

Is it a mid-life crisis thing?  Or perhaps a need to rebel?  Or maybe just an urge to take control of some small part of my bod?  For whatever reason, I've been aching to get a tattoo.  The big question is, what do I want to etch into my ivory skin forever?  Of course a nice little celtic design would graft my love of Ireland to my shoulder for all eternity.  Maybe a spunky little fairy.  Of course horses are another passion, but I'm not sure I want just a horse-shaped stamped on my shoulder blade unless it's something really interesting.  What about something literary?  I considered a wonderful "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" or something like that, but I think an iconic image would be more up my alley for this purpose. Or maybe something ghosty.

Here's the gig:

  • I need a great idea.
  • It has to be small.  I don't want it to swarm across my back.  Just a small little accent on my shoulder blade.
  • It can be color or monochrome
  • I'm asking my blogging buddies for help...HELP!  

If you have a suggestion, post it in the comments along with a link to the image.  OR email me with your suggestion and paste the image right in the email.  I'm open to original work by any of my illustrator buddies as well.

Hit me with your best!  


  1. I don't have any suggestions, sorry, but I can completely relate to that feeling. I waited 10 years before I got my tattoo just to make sure it wasn't a phase and I absolutely love it! I hope you find something you love! Good Luck

  2. I just found your blog, so I don't know you, but if you do get a tattoo, do post pictures of it. I had the smart idea (when I was 18) that my tattoo needed to be something that would always pertain to me. I am a Scorpio, so I got a Scorpian on my ankle. While I'm still a Scorpio (Though apparently that is debatable, these days), I do not feel like it really shows anything about me (Not to mention that an ankle can be a hard place to cover, at times. If you want one that can easily be hidden, then I suggest something like a tramp stamp (Unless you will want to hide it when you're at the beach). My MIL got a tramp stamp, and its really pretty. Its just a pretty design, that holds no meaning, except that she wanted a pretty tattoo. She seems happy with it. I'm considering one, too, as well as a few others... :-D

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Fugzilla and for sharing your tattoo adventure. I'm still considering it and it may be a while before I act, but I will definitely post a photo.

    I'm a Scorpio too, though I have to laugh at this latest "shift" in the zodiac. Who knows?!


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