Friday, July 08, 2011

#WIPMADNESS July Check-in Number 2

Where did the week go?  Well, I think I almost have the WIP plan marked out enough to write these last chapters with some direction.  The Ghost-in-Laws were in town from Saturday to Wednesday, so my writing week was a little slim this time around. Somehow I managed to get in about 2,000 words in the few days I had.  I will take that.

One fabulous revelation I had came through a number of influences.  First, I'm reading CATCHING FIRE, which has inspired a few motivational choices and made me think hard about teenage angst.  Second, I had a heart-to-heart with my son about why he continues to read a book.  What pulls him on page after page.  Of course it was one of those "depends" answers, but still informative.  Then I mulled over consequences.

I have to really map out the consequences of each character's choices if the climax is going to carry any umpf.  Thus I have begun to build the fire and hope that I can stoke those flames nice and hot. I keep reminding myself that there has to be a clear price for each choice a character makes and I think I'm starting to figure out what they are.  It's all about how high the stakes are, right?

So how high have the stakes been for you this week?


  1. I appreciated getting all the responses on that question on Wednesday's blog post. I'm still pondering page-turnability. "Can't put'em down books" trigger something in my gut. I'm going to have to pay more attention to what that is next time I get my hands on one.

    So yeah, I'm at a point in the WIP where the characters are having a bit of fun before tragedy strikes. The stakes are high, life and death, so I'm relieving a bit of tension with a cheeky little romance. Still plugging away at the 3500/week pace.

    Best wishes for a productive week you all!

  2. This week hit me ... not like a slap in the face, more the immense and looming impact of a tidal wave, and the realization, not quite of epiphany but neither of dread, just a heavy, powerful feeling.

    I have to set my WIP2 aside for a bit, because even though I have a lot of ideas for it and a good sense of how things should play out, I realized that I can't keep holding back. The novel is done and the feedback has mostly come in. I want to send this out there and the only thing stopping me is me. So starting today, I'm looking at feedback. Then I'm going to do a final edit. Then I'll craft a synopsis and send it out. Because I don't want to keep holding myself back.

    Really, this is a good thing. Like broccoli and asparagus. Sure, I might be craving chocolate, but those veggies can be equally delicious. Guess I need some veggies right now. ;)

  3. Oooh! Gotta love some cheeky romance! 3500/wk is a good pace...better than I've been doing lately. Keep it up, Angelina :-)

    Mmmmm, veggies. Good luck with those final edits, L.S., and with the submission.

  4. Hi everyone!
    Yaay, LS! Sounds like it was definitely the right choice to get polishing with your feedback. Best of luck on finishing it up!
    I'm also polishing after an awesome critique on my full from one of my regular CPs. I am all about high stakes this week! Hopefully I can carry it through to the end! I'm still aiming to complete this revision by the end of the month and send it to my last beta reader then. Yes, LAST! (Knowing of course that this won't be the end of revisions!)
    A great week to you all!

  5. Hi friends! I spent the last 2 1/2 days with some super awesome art educators who I somehow convinced to come to my town for our southeastern gathering - I did manage to write a paragraph on the WIP during that time. But I've actually made great progress and am already at 23K - I have changed my goal to 35K (secret goal of 40K) by August 4th which is when I have to report back to work and my new job at the high school (used to be elementary). I figure for the Aug/Sept my writing time will be slimmer than usual as I try to get into the routine with the big kids.

    I had sort of secretly hoped to finish the first draft so I could shelve it as I geared up in my new classroom - but I don't know that it will be done at 40K - I'd rather like to be closer to 50K. But maybe the first draft will be done at 40. Anyway, I'm rambling.

    On other fronts, I'm waiting to hear about some fulls I have out of a different manuscript. It would be great to be able to quit the querying racket and just concentrate on writing. Finding an agent takes a lot of time.

    Have a great week all! I love my wipmadness pals.

  6. Woohoo! Go, JRo! Go JRo! It sounds like a great start to your week. Are you looking forward to working with the HS kids? I loved teaching HS. But what a big job to plan for a whole new audience! Good luck! And good luck on the agent hunt!

  7. YAY Kip! Keep those high stakes rolling! I'm still building mine :-)

  8. Yes, I'm really excited about working with high school students!


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