Friday, December 16, 2011

Justice? What happened to "Hang 'Em High?"

Warning:  Rant to follow.  This post has nothing to do with writing, though it is more fantastical than fiction.  No names will be mentioned, but the facts are accurate.

In the old days of the wild west, horse thieves could be hanged for their crime.  Apparently in the 21st century, they get a cruise as well as huge profits on their stolen booty.  There is a reason that horse people have a bad name and this woman is the poster child...though she should be on a wanted poster.  Is there no justice anymore?

A dear friend of mine has two beautiful girls. The oldest is my own daughter's best friend.  With their daddy on active duty and their best friend moving away, as well as other stressors, these girls have had enough to deal with without their ponies being someone they knew and trusted.

A woman who should have served as a role model and an instructor betrayed them all and stole their 2 ponies, selling one across state lines and the other to a family who is also a victim in all of this.  What do the police do?  Almost nothing.  "It just isn't a priority."  It has been almost 2 years since the theft occurred and roughly 18 months since the truth of it came out.  Still this woman is walking around free and trading horses and offering lessons.

As a professional member of USEF and PHSA, she should be held to a high moral standard.  I have recently discovered that they don't care about moral or professional standards as long as their membership dues are paid.  So this criminal can continue to profit from her elicit activities because the police don't have the time to deal with it and the professional organizations don't care about the unethical and even criminal behavior of their members.

Of course civil court could get involved, which means even more financial and emotional hardship for a family who has done nothing wrong.  I am stymied.  Let is not forget that two little girls are the victims here.  Two horse-crazy, loving, and innocent girls who until now had not learned that adults cannot be trusted.

No one has been murdered.  This is true.  This woman is not running the biggest meth operation in three counties.  But does that make her any less guilty of a crime against two little girls?  Given the money involved and the interstate transfer of stolen goods, she is guilty of a felony.  We have positive proof, even recorded confessions, but no one will do anything.

Perhaps it is a good thing that I no longer have a horse.  That I no longer rub elbows with such sleazy horse traders as this. I have lamented my loss for the last ten years and ached to be among horses again, but not if it means dealing with conniving, lying, thieving delinquents like this woman.

As for the response by law enforcement, God forbid my house gets broken into.  It may not rate high enough on the attention scale for the police to respond.

Meanwhile, two little girls have seen how it works.  Get screwed by one adult and then take it up the butt again by the adults who are supposed to help you.  

I have only one word for the women involved in this crime and the so-called authorities who are supposed to protect us from them:  DISGUSTED


  1. Horrible.

    I had a similar thing happen with a friend in her divorce proceedings. Horses were registered in her name but he sold them. She got them back but it took two yrs. and only because I found the ad from the new owners who put them up for sale again.. She had to buy them back.

    NetPosse is a helpful organization for horse theft. I would die if one of mine were stolen.

  2. Times have indeed changed. Interesting blog


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