Friday, August 24, 2007

The Final Edit

I'm least I think I am. The last two weeks have been jammed full of teaching preparations while my two readers have worked their way through my finished manuscript, and now the time has come. Tomorrow I am dedicating the day to working through some edits. So far, I don't have anything major to work out, but a few transition points need more finesse.

Then my "rambling brat" shall be on her way to find a home, with any luck, at a reputable publishing house. I'll not call her the "ill-form'd offspring of my feeble brain" (though my thanks to Anne Bradstreet for the lovely imagery!) for the simple reason that I believe in her. This is the best bit of writing I've ever done. But I know there will be more. (okay...I HOPE there will be more!)

So I shall wash thy face once more, rub out the last defect apparent to mine own eye, though others are sure to find imperfections simply because they seek them. I shall send you out of doors well-loved and well-dressed.




  1. wow! What an exciting feeling that must be! Congratulations!

  2. It must be such a wonderful feeling to finally have your novel done. I'm wallowing in the murky middle of mine (sigh). I hope you get it out there soon and some smart editor snatches it right up. And I'm sure you have more books waiting inside you for their turn to see the light of day. Good luck, Mary Ann!


  3. I wondered what you had been up to the last couple of weeks - so now I see you were just busy and playing the waiting game - when those readers return things - I have to do some reading of others' stuff this week for sure - thanks for reminding me - lol - E :)


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