Friday, September 14, 2007

The WIP has left the building!

Yep, my rambling brat has officially hit the post and is on her way to New York. I finally put the last revision my baby, but it has taken me a week to get up enough energy to get the dang package in the mail. This teaching thing is killing me. I loved teaching at the college and teaching high school, but I'm not sure what's going to happen with this teaching 3rd grade stuff. Oi!

Anyway, I phoned ahead to the editor's assistant to let her know that the book was on its way. Why, might you ask, could I make such a call? Well, I was fortunate enough last summer to work with Patti Lee Gauch at the Chautauqua Writers Workshop, and she invited me to submit my MS and to call ahead so it would skip the slush pile. Of course I realize there are no guarantees, here, but at least I have a little encouragement and a spark of hope. This is my best work so far, and I really hope it finds a good home soon. my stomach will churn with spastic nerves as I worry whether I am doing irreparable damage to these poor 3rd graders as well as whether my book will be available on the shelves sometime in the next 2 years. All I really want to do is get started on the next book, but school is sucking every ounce of energy out of me for now. (but that's another story...)

Breath, MA, breath...


  1. Mary Ann,

    It's hard to think of anything else when your MS is on an editor's desk by request!

    Good luck, and good luck with your little third graders!

  2. Mary Ann...

    Congrats on finishing and mailing your MS...Good luck!

    Brenda (Lilfix - blue boards)

  3. I'm thrilled you managed to get it in the mail - good luck!!!

    As for those 3rd graders - just beat them into submission when no one's looking and you'll do fine ...

    I'm KIDDING! No one panic!

    Duct tape works, too. ;-)

  4. Wow, Patricia Lee Gauch! I'm sooo impressed. She's Patricia Polacco's editor I believe. Good luck with this! I hope she likes your baby enough to take it on, Mary Ann - or even to work with you to get it where she'd like it to be (in case it's not already there). I'm so excited for you. I have to say, she's my "in your dreams" editor.

    Teaching elementary ed. is hard, much harder than most people think. I teach k-6 and third grade is my favorite grade to teach. The first year is always hard. You're right, though. Teaching young children is exhausting! I usually take a nap when I get home. Hang in there.

  5. Can't wait to hear more! Will call this week I hope! CRAZY are you! We'll meet up soon!

    Leigh Ann

  6. SO cool, Mary Ann! I hope this is the one! Best wishes. Keep us posted!!

  7. COngrats on getting this in the mail! And best wishes with your 3rd graders! They are a completely different breed than HS/College level.

  8. Big accomplishment - getting a ms in the mail - that's even better than getting the first draft done - you are now taking the next necessary step to publication which is where many folks drop off - they write the stories but never follow them through to the end. So good luck and maybe you will get lucky and find a home rather quickly - My wishes and prayers are for you.

    As for the kids, they are trying you because you are new and they know what they can get away with. Find your strength and stand your ground. I have lots of teacher friends and one friend teaches the younger kids and loves it; one teaches high school and loves it; one teaches middle and thinks that is the best age. Me personally I don't have the patience to teach kids although for many years in my life people would tell me I should be a teacher. I would be taking heads off by the end of the day. I'm hoping you find the right method to get through this very trying time for you - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - E :)

  9. I hope I don't have to wait two years to read one of your books. I hope it will be sooner.

    Congratulations on getting the MS in the mail.

  10. Thanks everyone for all your encouragement! Aisha, I hope you won't have to wait 2 years, too!

    And thanks for the encouragement with the 3rd grade class--I bawled my eyes out Tuesday night and wondered why I am doing this. How can a seasoned teacher who has handled gang-bangers and criminals be outdone by 9-year-olds? It's a whole different world, I'll tell you!

    Back to holding my breath...


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