Thursday, April 17, 2008

A BIONICLE STORY -- the Blogspot Premiere

Coming to you from the clickety-clackety streets of Amish Country....The directorial debut of C.M. Scott (aka Manshark) and his film A BIONICLE STORY.

C.M. wrote, directed, starred, photographed, orchestrated,...made this movie almost exclusively by himself. Just a little voice-over help from Daddy, and a few handy-cam scenes that he couldn't film himself (because he had to be the star!). There are over 600 still photos in this 90 seconds of action, each requiring a steady hand and a mountain of patience to manipulate the figures with microscopic precision. He even story-boarded the project before he began filming. All this, just about a month before he turned 10. (You can't tell I'm proud, can you?)

Now at work on his second feature (again, a month before his birthday--11), he hopes to finish this one in time for the school talent show again. He had such a response last year--kids asking for his autograph, a troupe of 6th-grade groupies following him all over the playground (not bad for a 4th-grader!).

Speilberg, Scorcese...look out!


  1. Oh, that was so awesome!!!!

    How creative and what a great job!

    I do hope you'll post his next one!!

    Hey, how about the 29th? morning?

    let me know!!

  2. So that's why the TV here is always set to The Backyardigans channel.

    Love that Pablo.

  3. lol - that was very cute. Your son is very creative. I think he did an awesome job. He had to move the figures a bit at a time and then film it or take pictures of the minute movements to put in a movie? It's seems a lot of work but it works. He did a great job. Tell him to keep up the good work and that we look forward to seeing his next production. E :)

  4. Wow! What a great little talent your son has, and a wonderful imagination to boot! I, for one, was quite impressed. Give him a big handshake and two thumbs up for me, please.


  5. Fantabulous! Thanks for posting that!

    Me thinks he has a bright future!

  6. Thanks everyone! He's a pretty cool kid--even if I am a little biased. He's working on his next project now, and I am startled by the keenness of his eye for composition. Wow!

  7. I'm so impressed! I can't believe all the patience and planning it took to make those figurines (or whatever they're called) to move realistically. Serious talent and determination for one so young!


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