Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two for the Road

After some questionable accommodations and service at our fabulous retreat, the time has come to consider other options for next year's venue. I've been busy hunting down potential spots, trying to keep things in the Poconos and keep them intimate and inspiring, and I lit on 2 specific possibilities. What's that you say? Come on up and check it out? You'll hook me up with a room for the night and a tour? Great! cohort has a big commitment this weekend and can't go with me, and we can't find babysitting so DH and I can go together. I guess I'm on my own. Ah but wait! The film maker. What about him?

Yes, my little Spielberg accompanied me up into the Poconos for a look around, and what a blast! I love having that quiet time with my son, especially when it involves an adventure. Our last big adventure took us to New York City to the movie set of Spiderman 3, where my little guy was an extra in the film. This time we were sampling menus, hiking into the woods, evaluating the size and spring of the beds (always fun with a 10-year-old), and taking in the "sense" of the place, which is absolutely key to the success of this journey.

We found a fabulous place just 20 minutes or so from our former location, and it has everything--facilities, atmosphere, service, good food, free-roaming deer and even a few bears! It may have been more fun having my son there than DH (shhhh!) because he really wanted to see everything and try out all the amenities. Looking and seeing was not sufficient for him. He's all about the whole experience. That something unmatchable about our little jaunts, and Connor said, "Mama, can we do this every year? I mean just have a weekend together, just you and me?"

Yes, my insides rolled up into a big mushy knot and my eyes welled up. Absolutely! Daddy can have Boy Scout Camp and all that, but these little journeys will be for me and my boy. What a tremendous gift this weekend offered. Beautiful weather, a successful search, and priceless mama/son time that still pulls my lips up into a grin every time I think about it.


  1. How sweet! A great place AND a great weekend with your boy! :)

    I SO want to go to the Poconos next spring!

  2. Wow! So fun and endearing! How wonderful if this could become a traditon for you and the little guy!

  3. Wow, so cool. I think I'd like to do that too with my kids sometime.

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  5. It's great to spend one-on-one time with your kids. I'll bet that trip is something he'll remember for the rest of his life.

    Good luck with planning next year's retreat. It sounded wonderful!

  6. Just wait until he is a teenager, he'll be begging you to not take him anywhere or do any of these weekends like this. So enjoy them while you can because in a few years, he'll act like he's too cool to have a mother - lol - does sound nice though. Good luck with it. E :)

  7. What a great story! I always love to jump on the beds, myself.

    How'd he get to be an extra in a movie? Very cool!

  8. I'm so glad you found somewhere better. The service at the hotel this year left much to be desired.

    It's great you had a nice weekend with your son. I should do that sometime.


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