Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can a Girl get a Decaf Soy Java Chip Frappaccino in Indiana?

So far, the answer to that one is "no." Yes, it's sad to say that even a Starbucks can't offer that in Columbus, Indiana--holy quacking cow! It's been one of those days, when all the emotion of 9 months comes crashing around my hypoglycemic brain and pushes me to the verge of tears over the dumbest things. It wasn't just the coffee, but it does give me pause about the degree of civilization that we might be diving into.

Of course I know that this little city is civilized, but it has really surprised this farm-grown country girl how citified I've become. Most of me aches for those 5 acres and a barn and my horses again. It always aches for that. But another twisted part of my brain asks, "but what about the bookstore where I can sit for hours with my cup of tea?" "What about being able to pop down the road a tiny piece for a gallon of milk?"

So is this our future home? Or is it Arkansas. Or even Georgia? I have to say that Arkansas seems to offer the best of both worlds, the country and the civilization, and at a decent price. But the job is not the most enticing. We have yet to receive any other offers, so it may be a moot point. But what if Columbus offers a little more money and a slightly better position? or Georgia? Is the living going to be as sweet? What exactly am I hoping for at this point? Yikes!

More questions from the road that need a little more time to play out. Keep those prayers coming--please...


  1. DH can always try to negotiate a salary. It worked for my brother in law. When Penn State made him an offer below what he'd hoped, he basically said, "Let's negotiate." And they did. But times are different right now and the cola in Arkansas is different.
    Hope it's all good news.

  2. Thanks, Stella. They've already come up quite a bit on the salary. The toughest point is that it will take him out of scholarship. The community college atmosphere is a completely different ball game. But, we'll see. They really want him there.

  3. I'm going to be in your position next year. We thought it would be this year, but we are waiting a year. It's so weird to not know where you are going to live.

    Hope everything works out for you. And Columbus isn't that exciting of a city, but at least it's not that far from Indy.

  4. "Keep those prayers coming--please"


    Do any of these places have an S. Clyde's? ;-D

  5. Oh GG, I am SO glad that you've got an offer in your hands! That must feel good, even if there may be other offers to come to confuse the situation. No matter what, you guys are going to be okay - this is GREAT, GREAT news and I'm celebrating for you in VA!! Give me a call on the road if you have a spare moment!

  6. I once spent over 30 minutes walking the aisles of a supermarket in Kansas, trying to find tofu and crackers that did not contain hydrogenated or saturated fat. I can only imagine what the expressions on people's faces would have been if I'd asked for ANY kind of frappaccino. Kansas is great, but they're not big on choice. Indiana was better, but we got lucky there -- maybe you will too!


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