Sunday, July 20, 2008

LOUS's and the Long Journey Home...Wherever That May Be

Here's the word for now: Columbus, IN is officially out of the offing, Arkansas is officially in, and the other two are still an annoying question mark that could mess a lot of things up for a lot of people. Yikes! In the meantime, we are frantically attacking the mess that is our beloved home, tidying, packing, sending things off to storage. Next week we will contact a real estate agent. Whoa there, stomach!

But I must document our journey out West a little. I've mentioned the LOUS's, Landmarks Of Unusual Size, though I suppose the first one is not technically a Landmark since it's mobile. Imagine my surprise as I'm driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, winding through our mountainous terrain, enjoying the ripples of summer foliage, when out of nowhere appears a giant head. Not just any head. EDDIE MURPHY'S HEAD!! Holy Freakin' Cow! No white line fever on this trip. If that doesn't wake you up...
There's something just a little disturbing about that frozen, gap-toothed smile—mustache and all—wending its way through the Pennsylvania landscape in front of us. It was a promo for his latest movie (cough), and the van hauling this tricked-out trailer (Ha! Pun intended...totally!!) was covered in info and images from the movie. It's unforgettable, I'll give them that! Sadly, it doesn't make me want to see the movie any more than the video trailers did.

We dropped the kids in Indiana and then Ghost Hunk and I lit out for the West. Of course, on our way to the Natural State we had to go through St. Louis, MO. Truly a LOUS. I've been to MO before, but never through St. Louis, so it was fun to see this classic landmark up close and personal...okay, from I-70 anyway. And St. Louis definitely looks like a "happenin'" town. Our journey continued on through the Show Me State on to Branson and Springfield where we encountered another LOUS, although my memory is a bit blurred, and this could have cropped up somewhere in Illinois on the way back East. They don't mess around! There were other LOUS's, like the 3-story high farmer in a red-checked shirt, spinning his arms and touting the best pies in three states, or the 15-foot tall family of hamburger-toting campers, circa 1950, perched atop an old mobile home. Quite an interesting trip.

The day after we returned to Indiana and the Ghost Kids, we got the official offer from Arkansas and word that GA would not let us know until July 21st or 22nd. And wouldn't you know, AR wants an answer by July 18th! One job in hand...can't squander that on the indefinite hopes of another. AR is a beautiful place to live. But this job means the end to Ghost Hunk's career as a scholar, which breaks my heart. Now he becomes a Social Worker for Academia. The pay is not good, the retirement plan stinks, and there's no room for advancement and no time to continue scholarly pursuits. But it is a job and the people are wonderful there. It's also in a beautiful part of the country. We'll see if any other questions get answered...


  1. Hah! Eddie Murphy's head! Now how freakin' cool was that? Thank goodness you had a camera with you!

  2. Congratulations to Ghost Hunk. I'm happy that interview went well.

    re. Eddie Murphy LOU. ROFL!

  3. LOL! Wonder where in the world they were taking his head?

    Lilfix (blueboards)

  4. Ahh! I love Eddie M. That's hilarious!!

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  6. Parts of Arkansas are definitely beautiful and the standard of living there is very reasonable. One of my friends just moved out there and she loves it.

  7. Thanks, Y'all (I may as well get some practice at that!)

    There has been a new development, but I can't say just yet. We'll still be picking up that drawl, though.

    Oh...And I had to laugh when we discovered a whole new road pizza...Armadillo! Not exactly pizza, I guess it's more like road melon--it doesn't get flat!

  8. That picture is hysterical! A head on wheels. i think it beats Long Island's big duck, although I do love the big duck.

    Sounds like nothing is settled yet for DH but sounds like something good is in the works. I'm betting you two land on your feet.

  9. Thanks, Stella! I think it's finally starting to come together, though it will be a hard transition, especially for the kids.

  10. That really is a wonderful picture. Treasure it -- I would.

    And I feel for you going through all this. We've done it -- four times now -- and if things work out the way I fear they will, we're going to be doing it again soon. Not fun, but then again, never a dull moment.


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