Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As Chuck would say..."Rats!" And I couldn't believe it, but that's what my realtor said at 8:30 this morning. Yes, there has been some interest in our house already, (YAY!) but one couple got a little freaked out by "the rat in the basement," as they so coldly put it. Their agent included a smiley in the email to my realtor, but still...

Come on folks! She's adorable! She's in a cage! She has pink litter!

Well, we had another showing tonight and we've decided to throw a blanket over her cage for future showings. Poor disparaged girl. But...they people who came through tonight are interested. No offer yet, but they're thinking. We have another showing tomorrow.

Sorry Ruthie. If it's any consolation, the blanket over your cage was the blankie my grandma made for me 30-some years ago. That's some love!


  1. You're kidding? What? They thought you caught the rat and kept it for a pet? Come on now people.

    I can't say much though - goshdarnit, I'm from this land of crazy people!

    Going to miss you!!!

  2. I'll miss you too :( !! It is crazy—I get the whole naked tale phobia, but she's so cute!

  3. When you said rat, I thought there was one running around. But in a cage! I agree. Come on, people :)

  4. In cage or not, I think it was a bit mistake. As a West Toronto realtor I always advice my clients not to have any pets in open house if possible. First contact with house is very important and you never know, how people will react. Somebody can have panic fear of rats and this bad feeling will remain, even when your house is perfect and the rat is not part of the deal!

  5. Thanks PJ :)

    Jill, I grew up in real estate, so I "get it". But, I don't have anyone to take my rat until the house sells and I can't take her with me every time we leave for a showing. An open house is one thing, but showings are just too random and regular. So for now, we just throw a blanket over the cage when we leave.

    We'll just have to hope for the best. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. I say leave her out as a test of the new homeowners' character. If you love my mouse, you're allowed to buy my house.

    But that's likely just me.

  7. HA! LOL! I love that, Linda! That will be my mantra!

  8. I was thinking sewer rat...yikes! I'm glad to see she's a friendly looking writer-friend sort of rat.:)


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