Friday, June 22, 2007


Ta Da!!! Yep, that's right. Yours truly was just offered the part of my benefits, my kids go to the school tuition free!!! I'm thrilled. I'm excited. I'm absolutely and utterly terrified! Everyone has been so nice, and one of the teachers has already called to welcome me. How awesome is that?

So...Sunday afternoon, I have to ship out for Chestnut Ridge, NY for the next week to attend an intensive training workshop. Wow! I can hardly catch my breath. But my man is so awesome. He came home loaded down with his work, prepared to man the battleship while Mama is away. Not only was he loaded down with all his work, but he came bearing Roses and Champagne, too! (big cheesy smile, here!!)

We have been struggling for so many years to make ends meet. Finally, we can take a financial breath. My biggest worry, though, is how much will my writing suffer? I will simply have to make the time. Carve it out of whatever block of cheese lands in my way. (don't know where that strange metaphor came from...) My summer has a whole new look to it. A big, hairy, scary look! But I will get my revisions done AND prepare for the job. Somehow I will make it work. So, unless you are blind or really thirsty for some death-defying fun, don't plan on coming to my house for dinner. Heaven knows what will be growing on the floor, or in the corners, or out of the toilets!

And Linda...the Meme's coming up next.


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! That's fantastic! Hey, I teach full time and still manage to write (though not as much as I'd like). What grade will you be teaching? Good going! I hope you enjoy teaching elementary ed.

  2. I knew you would make it! I don't even know you, but my gut still told me you were perfect for the job.

    And what a sweet hubby! No kidding ... big cheesy grin.

    Looking forward to the meme.


  3. You guys are the best! Thanks for all your support and encouragement. I'm a nervous wreck but also excited and thrilled to be back in the saddle again!

  4. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm doing a happy dance too!


    I'm so excited for you - what a blessing!!

    Leigh Ann

  5. Thanks Leigh Ann! Hope you got a good tan...(like the rhyme?!)

    I'm a bundle of nerves and excitement as I head off to training camp at Sunbridge. I don't know if I'll be on line this week, but perhaps...if HoJo's has a WiFi!

    Wish me luck!

  6. Congrats - good things come to good people.

    What will you be teaching? If ELA or language arts - good way to get your writing in - you can always have a writing project of sorts going on for you lesson plans or even other courses can incorporate writing - but congrats - now you can breathe a little easier after the training and all is over - E :)

  7. Thanks, elysabeth! I will be teaching all subjects to the 3rd grade--language arts, math, science, social studies. I have always taught high school and college, so this will be something very new for me.

    But you're right about finding ways to get my writing in. Just through the interview process I wrote a story that might make a nice PB or article for Highlights. As for my novel...I'll just have to be sure to carve out a little time and set it aside just for that. I'll have to discipline myself to compartmentalize a little more.

    Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes!


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