Sunday, June 24, 2007

The MEME...

Okay, I've been tagged by Linda, so here it goes:

The rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. In 1985 (in a galaxy too long ago...) I rode a horse named Troy in the IURCA Irish National Championships, taking and individual third place and leading the team to a first place win, complete with cool trophy! If any of you don't know, I am a horse nut and have gone through some serious withdrawal since I had to sell my girl 5 years ago. BTW--I lived in Ireland for a year.

2. I love to cook, but I don't really care for baking. Rachel Ray is sort of a touchstone for me. I watch. I think. Then I wing my own creation. As far as baking, I have a good track record with home-made pie, but after school, the kids get cookies from a celophane package.

3. When I was in junior high school, Dan Quayle signed the back of my campaign t-shirt. My mother was head of the GOP in our town and had a huge fundraiser for him when he was running for congress. Okay...not particularly proud of that one, but what are you gonna do?

4. My husband and I hooked up because he rear-ended some other woman on his way to work. See? Sometimes bad stuff does happen for a reason! Seriously, he was new in town and glancing at the map on his way into the college where we were both teaching. Map, road, map, road, map, CAR! BANG! So, when he got to the orientation meeting, he stood up and shyly explained that he needed a lift for the next meeting because his car had just been towed to the shop. I don't know what it was, but something moved me to volunteer...and the rest is history.

5. I was a hopeless tomboy as a child--no frilly girl stuff for me!--and as a result, I have a plethora of lovely scars, though thankfully most of them are discreet. 3 scars on my chin (I kept falling on my face!); One finger that was almost cut off in a car door (2nd grade); lots of lesser but well-earned war wounds; a broken foot; a broken nose (which looks better now than it did before!--and I was 23 at the time and playing on a softball team).

6. My 10-year-old son still thinks his Mama is perfect (don't know how I managed that), though his sister is onto me.

7. My favorite home-cooked meal is pot roast with carrots, potatoes, and celery the way my mom taught me how to make it.

8. The house I grew up in was haunted by the ghost of a young Miami Indian boy. Ask me about it sometime...

So there you have it. I don't think I have 8 people to tag who haven't already been tagged, so don't worry if you've already been hit: Momma Roar, Gail, Stella, Judy, and Jess. (That's all I have for now.)


  1. Okay, well you know I'm going to ask about the ghost, so you might as well just tell it now.


  2. Wow! A haunted house! That's intriguing. I'd like to hear more about that sometime. Interesting info, Mary Ann. And I love the way you met your husband. I'm too embarrassed to tell anybody how I met mine.

  3. I also love how you met your hubby! Don't worry about baking - just head to Roots!

  4. I love good ghost stories. Please share.

    I'd also love to hear about life in Ireland. My hubby and I visited the the country back in 1999 and fell in love with it (especially Killarney).

  5. Okay, Stella. You know that now we're going to just imagine the most embarrassing places you could have met your husband ... you'd do better fessing up.

    Let's see ...

    A strip club.
    Online dating?
    You stole his clothes while he was skinny dipping and it was love at first sight?
    You accidentally walked into the wrong change room at the health club and ...
    You were choking in a restaurant and he saved your life.
    You were out for a walk and needed a bathroom desperately and just happened to knock on his door.

    Come on! Spill it!

  6. Eerrr, a later date, maybe. I am really embarrassed now. It wasn't at any of the aforementioned places. That should suffice -- for now!

  7. Mary Ann, I love how you met your husband- it's such a cute story!

    Stella, I want to know, too. Spill it. :)

  8. Hello, everyone! I'm baaaaack....! And exhausted. I'll write a post tomorrow. But I love the conversation here. Stella.....? So...? Did you run him over with your car? Did you slip in the bathtub and knock yourself unconscious and he was the EMS driver who found you naked? You know our imaginations will run wild until you share. :)

  9. Just wanted you to stop by my blog again today - I've nominated you for an award! Play along if you like! Gorgeous day, isn't it? LOVE IT!

    Leigh Ann

  10. Happy to "meet" you. What a nice first post to stumble on as it tells a bit about you - little known things.

    Love the story of meeting your hubby!

  11. Ok, a month and a half later, I'm finally doing this tag!!!! :D


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