Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Alive... Calling Mr. Spielberg...

Okay Folks! I should have news about the job in a few days, but for now, log onto A Bionicle Story
for a little treat. My 10-year-old son make a stop-motion movie for his talent show entry. He's pretty amazing...and pretty patient to shoot over 600 still frames, carefully nudging the figures into subtly new positions each time. Then the music and voice-over action...then the titles. As you can imagine, I'm sure proud of my little guy. Who, by the way, is not so little anymore. They just grow up too darned fast!


  1. Backyardigans!! ROFLOL!!

    Wow, he did a great job! I'll be sure to show this to my son when he gets home from school. He loves movie-making. He wants to get on the show "On the Lot".

    It's amazing the amount of time they'll put into something they love. Then ask them to study or do homework and 10 minutes is too long. LOL.

    Tell your son he did a fantastic job. :)

  2. That was amazing! My son (4) wanted to see the video over and over again. He loves Bionicles and Backyardigans. :-D

    You have a very talented little fellow.


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